9 Things We Bought With Bitcoin

  • In this case, we literally have no other option than to pay with Bitcoin.
  • The China-based travel agency Young Pioneer Tours has 9 years of experience of organizing tours to North Korea, and can help you with flights, hotels, visa and a tour guide.
  • We constantly want to talk about it, tell others about our trip to North Korea, and how we were able to tweet pictures the entire trip from one of the most heavily locked down countries on earth.
  • So now we have shoes from Iran, been to North Korea and have these stylish new socks.
  • For more privacy, it makes perfect sense to not use your credit card (which is connected to your real name), but instead the pseudonymous currency Bitcoin.

You’ve got to admit that everyone likes to go shopping once in a while, whether it’s to buy that designer shirt you’ve been eyeing or those nif…
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