Announcing Gilgamesh Platform

Gilgamesh Platform on HuffingtonPost - Social Network for books on Ethereum Blockchain

  • While technology and internet of things continue to change how we garner knowledge, especially through books, our main challenges are that there is no known simple, meaningful, productive, and dynamic platform that follows the trend and encourages book readers and authors to connect, engage, and gain knowledge.
  • On the contrary, the market is riddled with stagnant and outdated platforms that no longer satisfy the demands of the book community, making it hard for readers, critics, and authors to socialize while sharing knowledge and information.
  • Specifically, it rewards users for meaningful engagements that help grow the platform, such as writing a book review, and can only be purchased from the Gilgamesh platform during the token sale.”
  • While the sales will soon be announced, Gil token holders can vote and propose new features and changes on the platform, purchase books, eBooks, or audiobooks.
  • Through GIL token, authors can pay service providers for self-publishing services; they can earn GIL tokens from selling books, eBooks, and audiobooks on the platform.

There is a new advancement in knowledge-sharing, and that is Gilgamesh. Over the years, there has been stagnancy and impediment in this arena, however, a…
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Can The Transport Ecosystem Be Disrupted with Blockchain?

  • With the fast-paced emerging of technology, blockchain has been born and now fills up the commerce and business news.
  • Today, many companies are already testing the capabilities and possibly leveraging the uses of Blockchain technology into their core business, and because of its popularity, start-up companies emerged on the surface.
  • Blockchain can disrupt the transport ecosystem in such a way as it will be more convenient and safer for the consumers and it will build trust and innovative solutions to the current transportation systems.
  • Blockchain technology will also provide security for the user’s identity, age, coverage such as insurances, ability to pay while being under the protection of anonymity of the commuter’s travel information.
  • Promising businesses such as DOVU aims to change the way we live, the way we do business and the way we travel by enabling a system that is powered by data and trust.

With the fast-paced emerging of technology, blockchain has been born and now fills up the commerce and business news. It is taking everything by storm an…
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