As Expected, The Oscars Became A Night Of Protest Against Donald Trump

As expected, the Oscars became a night of protest against Donald Trump

  • He repeatedly went after the “over-rated” Meryl Streep, much like how Trump attacked the actress on Twitter after her Golden Globes speech.
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    The comedian made a joke about Trump likely tweeting about the ceremony in all caps during the middle of the night while using the bathroom.

  • Later in the night, Kimmel also joked about the fake violence in Sweden that Donald Trump erroneously brought up in a speech.
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    Director Asghar Farhadi boycotted the ceremony because of to Trump’s travel ban.

  • MARK RALSTON via Getty Images

    And although it was small, Streep appeared to make a very short, but important follow-up comment to her Golden Globes speech.

Stars shared political messages throughout the night.
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Bitcoin is soaring

#bitcoin is soaring

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