Blockchain as a disruptive enabler

#Blockchain as a disruptive enabler

  • One sometimes slow sector to exploit and harness technological change is the public sector.
  • The potential of Blockchain extends far beyond the financial services sector, and I explore a brief look at just what this revolutionary technology could mean for a number of other sectors.
  • Blockchain has truly got the financial services industry buzzing with the Bank of England busy considering how best to harness the technology, and where the Bank of America has already applied for no less than 15 patents, with a further 20 still in progress to be submitted.
  • Leading the way for what could be possible within other realms with Blockchain is ‘Blockchain Capital’ who have raised $7 million to explore just what can be achieved for those within non-financial sectors.
  • Whilst many companies from a plethora of industries are harnessing Blockchain, there are key markets where the technology is serving to positively disrupt traditional practice.

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Blockchain first appeared in our general consciousness as a result of Bitcoin. Whilst the jury may be out on Bitcoin, Blockchain has made waves by showin…

Blockchain as a disruptive enabler