Can Clean Energy Solve Cryptocurrencies’ Energy Problem?

Cryptocurrency has an energy problem, so one artist created a wind-powered mining rig

  • These computers can range from massive Bitcoin mining farms in rural China to small DIY mining rigs you can run out of your own home, but all of these mining operations are incredibly energy intensive.
  • To this end, the Berlin-based artist recently created a wind-powered mining rig, which is currently mining the anonymity-focused cryptocurrency ZCash in a field somewhere in Europe.
  • Oliver’s wind-powered rig consists of a 6-foot wind turbine mounted on a tripod, which is connected to a computer mounted in a weather-proof box.
  • While a few hundred bucks isn’t likely to go far in fighting climate change, Oliver said this initial rig was a proof of concept to see if the wind-powered mining rigs are feasible at scale.
  • Other designs for solar-powered and wind-powered mining rigs have cropped up on the internet over the years, and major mining operations in China are often located near major hydro-electric projects to benefit from the cheap and abundant energy created by the dams.

Julian Oliver’s wind-powered mining rig literally pulls money from thin air.
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