When the White House Lies About You

  • So it came as a bad surprise when, the following morning, Dan Scavino, the White House director of social media, tweeted that I had.
  • CIA Dir Pompeo calls out @NYTimes for publishing name of an UNDERCOVER CIA agent.Just as disgraceful?@BretStephensNYT REPEATS name 2x’s!
  • If Scavino had never heard of Agee, didn’t know the name of the C.I.A. officer whose name was published by The Times and didn’t bother to fact check before tweeting, he might have inferred from my reply that I had indeed done what he alleged.
  • This one bubbles over and erupts with them, like a fetid geyser at Yellowstone.Nor is it new that Scavino’s attack is also part of a broader White House effort to demonize The New York Times.
  • If Anthony Scaramucci is serious about cleaning house in his new shop, dismissing Scavino should be a priority.

For the Trump administration, no lie is too small to be weaponized.
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