A $24 million mansion is going on sale in London — but you can only buy it in bitcoin

  • Lev Loginov, co-founder of property investment company London Wall, which bought the property in 2013, is hoping paying for property in bitcoin could be the future.
  • He said that the company has a pipeline of properties that will go on the market and only be available to buy in bitcoin.
  • Loginov’s broader thought is that property ownership records can be transformed with blockchain technology.
  • “It will have to be a specialist blockchain for property.
  • For example, the tax on the property that will be paid to the government after the sale could be a couple of million pounds.

The £17 million price tag equates to over 4,000 bitcoin at Friday’s price.
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Finally! A primer on cryptocurrency (Bitcoin) you will actually get, promise

What the heck is Bitcoin? 

Here's an explainer from CBC's @SarahSmellie

  • Scott Stevenson was pretty uneasy the first time be bought Bitcoin.
  • Think of it as digital cash – in a sense, Stevenson was right to call it “computer cash” or “internet money.”
  • Bitcoin value changes when a new coin is “released” into the network.
  • People tend to be attracted to Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency systems like Ethereum because there is no central regulator.
  • Most people with regular jobs, said Stevenson, aren’t going to have the time (or the nerves) to check in on the coin market multiple times a day.

How it is and isn’t like regular currency, and what to consider if you’re thinking of investing.
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Will Cryptocurrencies Ever Overtake Cash?

  • Yep, cryptocurrencies have definitely exceeded all expectations, majorly shaking up the financial sector and causing turmoil among various governments due to tax loopholes.
  • What’s most shocking about bitcoin, however, isn’t the amount of millionaires it has created since its inception, but that the experts state that the value is nowhere near the market cap, which could exceed $100,000 within the next decade!
  • Only time will tell…

    According to the Harvard Business Review, “Blockchain technology will have a similar impact on the financial services industry to what the Internet had to media.”

  • While this has little to do with blockchain technology, it’s proof that many of us now regard “physical cash” as a burden.
  • Spectre, the disruptive platform that removes financial brokers out of the equation and decentralizes and tokenises the liquidity pool against which traders trade, is an example of the decentralization benefits of the blockchain, and why many traders are choosing cryptocurrencies over more “tradtional” investments, such as stocks and bonds.

It’s been a crazy year for bitcoin. Not only has it comfortably surpassed the $4,000 mark, it’s now accepted by a variety of major online retailers – eve…
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Bitcoin Options Exchange Raises $11.4 Million in Funding

#bitcoin Options Exchange Raises $11.4 Million in Funding

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Ledger Holdings, the New York-based parent company of bitcoin options exchange LedgerX, said on Monday it closed $11.4 million in funding led by Miami International Holdings Inc and China’s Huiyin Blockchain Venture Investments.
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This Theory Will Change How You See ‘Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory’

This theory may change how you see

  • A new fan theory about “Willy Wonka the Chocolate Factory” suggests that the golden tickets in the movie weren’t handed out at random, as we thought.
  • The Redditor surmises that to pull this off, Wonka secretly had someone working for him: Bill, the guy running the candy shop.
  • Wonka instructs Bill to give the last ticket to a local kid, a poor kid, an unselfish kid.
  • As the Redditor told HuffPost, “I saw the movie a few times recently and realized that Wonka employs Slugworth, and if Wonka did have another agent, he probably would be the candy shop owner in town.
  • It also works with another “Chocolate Factory” theory that suggests Wonka had Bill and four other candy shop owners pick who got the tickets.

It’s even better than a golden ticket.
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Crowdfunding & Blockchain: A Perfect Match?

  • Blockchain crowdfunding might just be the next step in startup evolution, helping important and interesting projects come to fruition.
  • This allows them to raise funds from early investors, while the investors also have the potential to make money if the value of their cryptographic shares increases.
  • It also has the potential to boost new blockchain platforms, because it will give the blockchain community a new way to fund its own projects.
  • OpenLedger is one of the numerous projects that are popping up to apply blockchain technology to the field of crowdfunding.
  • CCEDK will hold the money in escrow, which allows companies to access much-needed funds and also reduces the risks for investors.

In the last few years, sites like Kickstarter and Indiegogo have revolutionized the world for startups. Ideas that didn’t have mainstream business …
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Ethereum based TokenCard is a Game-Changer for Global Financial Markets

  • The Federal Reserve, World Bank, big banks and virtually all major international financial institutions have created a broken system that steers wealth from the middle class into the coffers of big corporations.
  • Despite trillions of dollars that make up the flow of the global financial system, simply by moving money, money quickly finds it’s way in the pockets of governments and corporations.
  • In recent years, more than any other time in history, consumers are beholden to the imbalances and inequities of the financial markets around them.
  • This broken financial system has undermined the lives of working and middle class citizens around the world, destroyed families and collapsed entire economies.
  • TokenCard allows everyday consumers to spend their Ethereum and ERC20 tokens at VISA® terminals, which are present in virtually every country around the world.

The global financial markets are broken. For all of recent history, our livelihoods have been beholden to the economics of a financial market that does n…
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