Can Blockchain Solve The Prosperity Paradox?

  • It’s resulted in various projects to provide access to finance for the worlds poorest, from mobile banking to microfinance, and whilst the work of people like Muhammad Yunus have been tremendously important, I believe that the blockchain could be even more powerful.
  • “Our companies are built on the same foundation; a belief that new technologies should take the complexity out of financial services in emerging markets.
  • We’re thrilled to partner with Wala, and the 1,000’s of merchants utilising the M-vendr powered PoS are really excited to start Wala financial services and accepting Dala tokens as it will add immense value to their customers,” M-vendr say.
  • While zero-fee financial services are the immediate goal, the trust and transparency brought about by the blockchain could also lay the foundations of a modern infrastructure that solves other problems for the unbanked, such as credit scoring.
  • The progress in achieving the Millennium Development Goal on poverty so quickly is considerable, but ledger technology such as that provided by the likes of Wala provide a glimpse into a possible future where the unbanked and underbanked are increasingly enfranchised and empowered to become active participants in the global…

It would perhaps be fickle to be too critical of the global economic system given the tremendous progress made towards so many of the Millennium Developm…
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