The non-stop problem solver who loves to invent

  • Media playback is unsupported on your device – – Media captionUddhab Bharali epitomises India’s “jugaad” spirit – “I like to solve problems,” says Uddhab Bharali.
  • Across India he is already well-known for his agricultural inventions but his new ideas are helping those with disabilities.He explains that because there is limited government support in India for people with physical disabilities it is up to people like him to come up with solutions.
  • “Human ingenuityInitially, Mr Bharali recalls that people thought he was “worthless” and it took him 18 years to establish himself as “an innovator with class”.
  • Learn more about BBC Innovators.Mr Bharali makes an income from selling his inventions as well as designing technical solutions for businesses and government.
  • Image caption – – Raj Rehman says he is happy that he can look after himself, thanks to Uddhab Bharali’s inventions – – – – Although Mr Bharali says there is no shortcut to success, his hard work means his life is now comfortable and he is able to support…

Uddhab Bharali is a serial inventor who uses frugal innovation to change people’s lives.
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