Hi-tech financial firms flee UK amid doubts over Brexit

  • An exodus of “fintech” companies from Britain has begun, the chief executive of a leading firm has said, dashing the government’s hopes of building the UK into a world leader for the industry.
  • Every reasonably-sized company in the flourishing financial technology sector – involving e-lending, money transfers and the banking markets – is now actively looking at moving staff and investment out of the country because of the uncertainty caused by Brexit, it is claimed.
  • Simon Black, chief executive of PPRO Group, reputedly one of the fastest-growing fintech businesses in Europe, said his firm was now starting an operation in Luxembourg because of question marks over whether UK-based companies would still be able to trade in the rest of the EU under current “passport” rules which are granted to all member states.
  • Black said the industry could not wait for the outcome of Brexit negotiations, so investment that could have been made in the UK was being diverted overseas.
  • Liberal Democrat Treasury spokesman Susan Kramer said: “George Osborne promised to make London the centre for fintech but under this Conservative Brexit government it will only be job centres that see any dramatic growth.

Leading ‘fintech’ player says ‘the exodus is beginning’ as members of £6bn industry start seeking other bases in Europe
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