Manchester Mobike review – better than London’s ‘Boris bikes’

  • But Mobikes are significantly better than London’s hire bikes, or any I’ve tried in other cities across the world.
  • The other day I merrily left one in the Northern Quarter, a part of the city I have avoided by bike since mine got stolen there earlier in the year.
  • In London I’ve had many infuriating experiences — notably, cycling to Euston on a Boris Bike to catch a train, only to discover the nearest docking station (which is still five minutes walk away from the platforms) is full.
  • They hope the bikes will save them money, because Mobike has promised to share with them data showing where the bikes are most commonly ridden, which should help them plan future cycle infrastructure.
  • Last night I really struggled to lug a Mobike up the steps to Regent Road when the riverside bike route suddenly stopped.

A week after the dockless, cashless Chinese bike sharing scheme hit Manchester, the Guardian’s North of England editor Helen Pidd is already hooked
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