From Silk Road to ATMs: the history of bitcoin

  • Bitcoin is a digital currency started in 2009 by a mystery figure named Satoshi Nakamoto, whose true identity is still unknown.
  • To spend them, users buy bitcoin and conduct transactions with them using exchanges such as San Francisco-based Coinbase.
  • Bitcoin don’t actually exist but are digital keys are stored in a digital wallet, which can also manage transactions.
  • Bitcoin has a finite supply of 21m – of which more than 15m are in circulation – which supporters claim make it more stable than government-backed currencies that can be devalued by central banks printing money.
  • Transaction fees vary according to the exchange or broker, but are typically up to 1% of the currency bought, plus bank transaction charges.

The digital currency lost 10% of its value after the JP Morgan boss described it as fraud – but it has come a long way since it was started in 2009
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  • Technology must be designed differently for financial institutions
  • These two technologies may help shape the future of the financial industry
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How to Make Money on Bitcoin Fluctuations

How to Make Money on #bitcoin Fluctuations - BBC News Planet

  • As well as on the exchanges, you can make sound money on fluctuation in the value of bitcoin.
  • But a new predictions of 2016 is in, and according to that, bitcoin will raise around 350 USD to 700 USD.
  • By the way, to make money online through the bitcoin and its fluctuations, it is not mandatory to work with exchangers all the time.
  • Predictions for 2015 say that bitcoin will fluctuate around 150 USD to 350 USD and will stay in the same range for a long time frame.
  • One of the best exchangers i will recommend for the exchange of bitcoins is EXMO.

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@bitcoinagile: “How to Make Money on #bitcoin Fluctuations – BBC News Planet”

Despite the fact that bitcoin is a virtual currency that can be occupied by buying and selling through exchangers. Earning from bitcoin is very much like Forex and stock exchange.

How to Make Money on Bitcoin Fluctuations