BlockApps Collaborates with Red Hat to Deliver Hybrid Cloud Solution for Blockchain Applications in the Enterprise

  • BlockApps Collaborates with Red Hat to Deliver Hybrid Cloud Solution for Blockchain Applications in the Enterprise
  • BlockApps and Red Hat are working together to bring blockchain applications to scale for hybrid cloud environments.
  • BlockApps is trusted by enterprises worldwide and is recognized as the best platform for creating blockchain applications.
  • Red Hat began collaboration with BlockApps early, and we couldn’t ask for a better technology partner for bringing standard based blockchain technologies into full production environments.”
  • BlockApps is the first Blockchain-as-a-Service (BaaS) software platform that empowers enterprises to build blockchain applications quickly and easily.

BlockApps, the first Blockchain-as-a-Service platform and a leading provider of Ethereum blockchain enterprise software, is collaborating with Red Hat to make it easier for enterprises to build production …
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Blockchain 101 for the Non-Techie Lawyer

#blockchain 101 for the Non-Techie Lawyer

  • Duped by fake news, Pakistan minister makes nuke threat to Israel
  • Fooled by fake news, Pakistan defence minister reminds Israel of Islamabad’s nuclear weapons
  • Drexler University has condemned one of its professors for tweeting on Christmas Eve, “all I want for Christmas is white genocide.”
  • ‘All I Want For Christmas Is White Genocide,’ Professor Says
  • A Polish truck driver whose hijacked vehicle was used to crash into a Berlin Christmas market was shot in the head several hours before the attack and could not have attempted to foil it as previously thought, Bild newspaper reported on Tuesday.

While widely heralded as one of the “next big things” in legal technology, blockchain technology and its potential effects remain both widely unknown and misunderstood. Now, as enterprises begin looking at the technology and its place in the legal operations process, in-house attorneys stand to benefit by building a body of knowledge around the technology that will play a part in their futures. To help shed light on this advancement, Legaltech News spoke with two attorneys at the forefront of blockchain development to understand what the technology is, what benefits it offers, and how and when it will effect attorney work product. What exactly is a blockchain? Simply put, a blockchain is a digital
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How blockchain can create the world’s biggest supercomputer

How #blockchain can create the worlds biggest supercomputer

  • How blockchain can create the world’s biggest supercomputer
  • Pogue’s Basics: Money – Buy gift cards for yourself, pay less for things
  • Pogue’s Basics: Money – The kind of gift card everybody loves
  • Pogue’s Basics: Money – Don’t pay for cable while you’re away
  • What tech titans should say to Trump – and vice versa

As our desktop computers, laptops, mobile devices, etc. stand idly by for a huge portion of the day, the need for computing resources is growing at a fast pace. Large IoT ecosystems, machine learning and deep learning algorithms and other sophisticated solutions being deployed in every domain and industry are raising the demand for stronger cloud servers and more bandwidth to address the minute needs of enterprises and businesses. Blockchain, the distributed ledger that’s gaining traction across various domains, might have the answer to the dilemma by providing a platform that enables participants to lend and borrow computing resources — and make money in the process. “There is a growing demand for computing power from industries and scientific communities to run large applications and process huge volumes of data,” says Gilles Fedak, co-founder of, a distributed cloud computing platform.
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