Head Of Air Force Academy Tells Cadets: ‘You Should Be Outraged’ By Racial Slurs

  • In a poignant defense of equality, the United States Air Force Academy’s superintendent made it crystal clear that the institution will not tolerate any form of disrespectful behavior toward someone of another race or gender.
  • The Academy’s Preparatory School found racial slurs written on message boards of five African-American cadets, leading Lt. Gen. Jay Silveria to express his disgust to the Academy’s more than 5,000 cadets, faculty and staff in Colorado Springs.
  • Silveria said even though the incident happened at the prep school, everyone at the Academy should pay attention.
  • One of the targeted cadets is brushing off the incident, his father told the Air Force Times: – “The word has zero power in my house.
  • Security Forces are investigating the incident, Silveria told Academy leaders on Wednesday, and the Academy’s chief diversity officer is putting together small group discussions to continue the conversation.

“If you can’t treat someone with dignity and respect, then you need to get out,” he said.
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“Did somebody say you could earn Bitcoin simply by sharing independent music?”

  • But the music that is promoted by the industry is not representative of the diversity and richness of all the wonderful music being produced around the world.
  • The music industry and rights collection agencies have carved up the world into territories, with strict rules about what music can be played or sold where.
  • Bittunes mission is to use blockchain and bitcoin technology to achieve a massive re-set for how music is discovered and shared.
  • What kind of world do we want for music?

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instagram is taking on fashion’s diversity problem

Instagram is taking on fashion’s diversity problem:

  • The week Instagram is doing their bit to celebrate diversity in fashion with their #RunwayForAll campaign.
  • Through modelling I hope to show that beauty does not always wear a size zero and beauty does not always walk on two limbs.”
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  • Continuing, “Now we are almost 10 years later, and I see the choice I’ve made has helped the industry to see beauty in many ways, such as casting models and rising icons like @winnieharlow , @jilly_peppa and more to help lead the fight with me to diversity.”

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@i_D: “Instagram is taking on fashion’s diversity problem:”

Their #RunwayForAll campaign is bringing the conversation to 162 million people.

instagram is taking on fashion’s diversity problem