Airbitz and Matryx Partnership Combines Blockchain and Virtual Reality

  • “The toughest problem with integrating and developing blockchain platforms is private key management,” explains Matryx CEO Steve McCloskey, who graduated from the world’s first Nanoengineering department at UC San Diego.
  • Neither Airbitz nor Matryx will have access to user keys or private information.
  • “By using Airbitz SDK technology, we can better focus on various design aspects of our virtual reality and blockchain platforms.”
  • A forthcoming ‘EDGE’ wallet will allow users of Matryx’s virtual reality collaboration platform to trade in ERC20 tokens, which are tokens designed by developers and projects atop the Ethereum blockchain.
  • “The Airbitz Edge wallet supports Ethereum-based ERC20 tokens, which will give our VR experience an integrated means of exchanging ERC20’s on the platform,” says McCloskey.

Two San Diego-based blockchain companies are hoping to merge blockchain and virtual reality. Bitcoin wallet and edge security platform Airbitz has partne…
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Pneumatic octopus is first soft, solo robot

  • “Where everybody’s really excited to see soft robots come in is right at the human-robot interface,” Mr Truby told BBC News.
  • our first embodiment of an entirely soft robot, it needed to have the form of an octopus.”
  • It’s made in a way that other people can look at and say, we could use these technologies ourselves – we can make ones that have better fuel systems, or have better control systems, or a more sophisticated body.
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  • Image copyright R Truby/M Wehner/L Sanders/Harvard University Image caption The octobot: More of a tribute than a replica

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@HektorTuring: “Pneumatic octopus is a first for soft robotics – BBC News”

Engineers in the US have built the first self-contained, entirely soft robot – in the shape of a 7cm octopus.

Pneumatic octopus is first soft, solo robot