DARPA Is Looking For The Perfect Encryption App, and It’s Willing to Pay

  • During phase three, the company or companies can pursue commercialization, and receive no funds from the federal government.
  • As a security researcher put it , DARPA wants “a public wall anyone can monitor or post messages on, but only correct people can decrypt.”
  • During the first phase, according to the program’s rules, successful applicants might be awarded no more than $150,000 for one year.
  • Dan Guido, the founder of the consulting and research security firm Trail of Bits, told me, explaining that the SBIR program is “supposed to be for research and for small business, but the proposal requirements are very high and the funding amounts are very low.”
  • “When a lot of people start using the service, it might become challenging to find messages that are addressed to you, without revealing to other people who have the data what exactly you are looking for,” Jacobs said in an online chat.

The blue-sky research arm of the Pentagon wants somebody to create the ultimate encrypted messaging app for the US military.
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$50,000 Ethereum ‘Hackathon’ Launches

  • A trailer provided by the competition is embedded below.
  • The competition is hosted by Ethereum’s block explorer and contract analysis tool .
  • Aside from Coinbase star power, Ethereum is likely to benefit from a positive news cycle as a major $50,000 coder competition or “hackathon” focused around the technology launched this morning.
  • Not intended as a recommendation to buy or sell any cryptocurrency or asset.
  • If ethereum pulls off this hard fork, very positive signal for them as a team.

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Ahead of tomorrow morning’s expected hard…

$50,000 Ethereum ‘Hackathon’ Launches