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PTY Journalism Fundraiser by William Craddick – My name is William Craddick. I am an investigative journalist who took up researching several months ago. I have until now been making posts to Reddit on various topics, generally focusing on international politics. Since then, my stories and research findings have been tweeted by Wikileaks and…
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  • Technology must be designed differently for financial institutions
  • These two technologies may help shape the future of the financial industry
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Blockchain: The smart person’s guide

  • Now I Get It: Why Apple took away the headphone jack from the iPhone 7
  • The top 4 features of the Apple Watch Series 2
  • Why Facebook’s virtual assistant is taking years to develop
  • Apple’s app that teaches coding to kids comes out today
  • The EU’s new copyright reforms could change the internet

The blockchain is powerful technology that enables Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, and other virtual currencies to be open, anonymous, and secure. The code also empowers countless innovations beyond cryptocurrency. The blockchain is a database of details about every Bitcoin transaction. Often referred to
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The Economist: You’re getting it wrong — Medium

The Economist: Youre getting it wrong #Blockchain #Bitcoin

  • Bitcoin’s Blockchain is a ledger designed to avoid censorship by avoiding centralization.
  • The only clear and useful -as far as I can think of today- use case for a ledger that sacrifices efficiency to avoid censorship is a government-independent monetary system : Bitcoin.
  • Let’s go buy some bitcoins and, more importantly, let’s go build some products and services based on THE “shared database”, THE Blockchain, (THE) Bitcoin.
  • The real innovation is not the digital coins themselves, but the trust machine that mints them – and which promises much more besides.
  • But those who designed Bitcoin , and those who understand it, embrace this sacrifice.

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@bitcoinagile: “The Economist: Youre getting it wrong #Blockchain #Bitcoin”

Bitcoin, not Blockchain

The Economist: You’re getting it wrong — Medium