Use These Eight Guiding Principles To Build A Customer-Centric Company

  • Clearly, customer-centric culture requires changing the operating system of the company and includes modifying the habitual behaviour of employees, and how they think about the company and it’s customers.
  • So, what are eight key pillars for building a customer-centric culture —

    Everyone, right from the CEO to the front-line staff to the janitor to the back-office staff, should know what comprises customer service.

  • Whatever values are chosen to embed to build an enterprise known for customer-centricity, it’s important that it inspires the employees and they demonstrate clear bias for action to do what is right for the customers and the company.
  • What’s critical here is that all employees in the company should get rewarded on customer performance irrespective of whether they are doing a customer facing job or doing work in back-office.
  • Establish standards but let employees innovate

    A company keen on building a customer-centric culture needs to embed standards for organizational activities that face the customer as well as those that don’t.

Customers are the reason why businesses exist. Many businesses want to be customer-centric and spend time, money and other resources to make it happen. But they don’t get the desired results. One reas…
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