HPE Will Now Sell ‘Blockchain 2.0’ for Cars, Banks and Planes

HPE Will Now Sell #blockchain 2.0 for Cars, Banks and Planes

  • The new offering, which HPE launches Friday, is billed as “blockchain as a service,” and it’s unique in that it offers major enterprise customers, such as banks, the ability to use the technology on a larger scale than is currently possible with popular blockchains like Bitcoin and Ethereum.
  • The company said it would begin selling its Mission Critical distributed ledger technology, or DLT, publicly starting next year, providing the hardware for enterprises that want to run their own blockchain operations or working with clients to implement blockchain in the cloud.
  • HPE’s version, on the other hand, built around the Corda ledger–a bank-suitable blockchain alternative developed by the financial consortium R3–keeps the records private, so parties can only see their transactions with an authorized counterpart.
  • HPE would not name the clients it has landed so far, but other Fortune 500 companies including and last month launched their own blockchains for processing payments without the swipe of a credit card or other traditional means.
  • To make blockchain feasible for airplane data, manufacturers’ supply chain records and potentially central bank payments, though, requires “certain functions that meet a level of mission criticality” including speed and privacy: “You’re betting your business on this distributed ledger thing, this blockchain thing,” Davison says.

“We believe blockchain will be as fundamental to technology as the Internet.”
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