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Now you can invest in Bitcoin through a tracker fund -   #Bitcoin

  • Live FTSE 100 posts sharpest fall in nine weeks as oil pared gains after unexpected slump in US crude inventories
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  • 09 Sep 2016 , 12:44pm
  • 09 Sep 2016 , 12:41pm
  • 09 Sep 2016 , 12:00pm

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@Coinboard: Now you can invest in Bitcoin through a tracker fund – #Bitcoin

‘Private schools have become divorced from normal life’: Theresa May to get tough on independents in sweeping programme of education reform

‘It’s typical Clarkson’: former Top Gear host has Cotswold home blown up to make way for new farmhouse

09 Sep 2016 , 1:18pm

Judge highlights City’s ‘excessive’ drink and drugs culture as he jails trader for raping woman

09 Sep 2016 , 4:01pm

09 Sep 2016 , 3:36pm

09 Sep 2016 , 2:52pm

Briton thrown off flight and arrested for ‘unruly behaviour’ after BA jet from London to Florida diverted

Comment: Politics is full of dull men – we need more ‘walled off’ women like Hillary Clinton 

Comment: Apple’s future lies beyond the iPhone

Comment: Stop moaning, be spontaneous and make Lions special again

06 Sep 2016, 10:00pm

Anjem Choudary sentenced: judge challenges Islamist extremists who live on benefits while claiming to ‘despise’ the West

07 Sep 2016, 7:33am

Shopper arrested for punching newborn baby after ‘mistaking her for toy doll’

07 Sep 2016, 7:54am

Hiddleswift ‘split’: Taylor Swift, ‘uncomfortable’ with public displays of affection, ‘put the brakes on’ relationship with Tom Hiddleston

04 Sep 2016, 3:47pm

Teenager’s kind act for scared elderly woman wins internet hearts 

07 Sep 2016, 7:08am

‘I felt like I was falling’: the moment I found out my husband was leading a double life. He was gay

14 years old and worth £2m: meet Norfolk’s ‘mini Monet’

Dear Graham Norton: ‘My wife prefers swiping at her screen to spooning with me’

The GCSE bar has been raised – will pupils rise to meet it?

New grammar schools needed to stop rich families dominating best state schools through ‘selection by house price’, says Theresa May

Is Snowden Oliver Stone’s great Oscar hope or his biggest gamble?

Don’t Breathe review: ‘You’ll jump. You’ll gasp. You’ll gag’

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