HSBC and Santander slammed in Senate money-laundering report

  • It issued a fierce warning to the banks after concluding an inquiry into money laundering and corruption in the banking sector, focusing on the Washington DC-based Riggs Bank.
  • HSBC Bank USA took a similar position over money transfers to an account at HSBC Luxembourg in the name of another company believed to be linked to Mr Obiang.
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  • The banks refused to say who the owners were.

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Santander slammed in Senate money-laundering report”

Banco Santander Central Hispano, which is bidding for Abbey National, and HSBC, the UK’s largest bank, have been slammed for lax money-laundering procedures in a report by a US Senate subcommittee.The Spanish bank and the UK-based multinational stand accused of laxity in the fight against money laundering, drug trafficking, corruption and terrorism, notably in the oil-rich African state of Equatorial Guinea.

HSBC and Santander slammed in Senate money-laundering report