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Blockchain tech: una rivoluzione per rogiti, burocrazia, economia  ?

  • If instead someone sent you an email saying ” ‘s 10 dollars” you probably wouldn’t trust it.
  • With blockchain we can save a lot of this cost because it lets us send money just like sending an email.
  • Instead of sending a lot of payment information through a few servers, blockchain uses thousands of personal computers on the internet.
  • To make sure no one’s cheating or sending money they don’t have, these “messages” go through a few trusted banks that keep a record of everything.
  • But when we “transfer money”, use an ATM or pay with a deposit card that’s pretty much exactly what we do.

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@ItaliAperta: “Blockchain tech: una rivoluzione per rogiti, burocrazia, economia ?”

Blockchain is the Tech that runs Bitcoin. In the finance industry it could save $1.7 Trillion in yearly transaction fees and it could disrupt other industries in similar ways. This short explainer video explains how the Blockchain works..

Checkout the video script and production files for this explainer video below.

Blockchain IntroductionMinuteVideos YouTube Channel