Blockchain and benefits

#blockchain and benefits - a dangerous mix? - BBC News

  • The government has quietly launched a bold experiment using the technology behind the virtual currency Bitcoin – and, if anybody notices, it could prove hugely controversial.
  • Image copyright Thinkstock Image caption The government says it will not use the app to keep a record of who spent what
  • But the worry now is that if the first trials go down the wrong path, then public trust in the technology could be irredeemably damaged.
  • One recently departed member of the Government Digital Service told me of his amazement that this trial was being allowed to go ahead.
  • It seems there is also concern in Whitehall about the process by which this trial came to be approved.

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@bitcoinagile: “#blockchain and benefits – a dangerous mix? – BBC News”

The UK government faces controversy over an app that tracks how benefit claimants spend their money.

Blockchain and benefits