PwC: Five Global Shifts Reshaping the World

8 essential tech:

1 #AI
2 #IoT
3 #blockchain
4 #drones
5 #robots
6 AR
7 VR
8 3D print

  • The five global megatrends are:

    To learn more about the impact of these five global megatrends, Ray Wang, bestselling author, futurist and CEO/Founder of Constellation Research, and I invited Mike Quindazzi, managing director at PwC, to our weekly business, innovation and leadership show DisrupTV.

  • Quindazzi’s research and consultancy focus areas include identification and growth of competitive advantage through global expansion, accelerating digital technologies, improving customer experience (CX), transforming organizations, or implementing complex systems.
  • Quindazzi describes history of the first, second and third industrial revolutions and its impact on shifting demographics, new technologies, growing economics, population shifts, changing workforce dynamics, the information age, lean production and the digital age.
  • Quindazzi also spoke about business disruption with new emerging and essential technologies including artificial intelligence and smarter applications.
  • He also shared key demographic shifts with number of college graduates and population age – for the first time ever, there are more people at 65 years or older than 5 years old or younger – will dramatically change in the near future.

According to PwC, there are five global shifts reshaping the world and their implications for organizations, industries and wider society will be signifi…
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Inside Floyd Mayweather’s Cryptocurrency Promotion Campaign

  • That company, called the Crypto Media Group, wants celebrity endorsements to be the new standard for advertising digital tokens to the masses.
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    The playbook for the Crypto Media Group looks something like this, according to Schauer: First, the celebrity partner posts their message to social media.

  • A celebrity like Mayweather promoting a crowdsale is far and above most ICO media strategies: They tend to consist of Reddit posts, a Twitter account, and coverage in cryptocurrency trade publications.
  • Mayweather and the Crypto Media Group will both reap the financial rewards from a successful Hubii ICO.
  • What’s clear is that the Crypto Media Group wants to be on the forefront of big-budget, mainstream advertising for cryptocurrencies and ICOs.

This company wants celebrities to be the face of cryptocurrency.
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Woman seen feeding cash into Bitcoin ATM was scammed, police say

Woman seen feeding cash into Bitcoin ATM was scammed, police say

  • Hamilton police showed up and answered the woman’s phone when it rang.
  • The scammer went as far as masking his or her own phone number, and it appeared on the woman’s phone like the number of the person calling was 905-546-4925 – the non-emergency line of the Hamilton police.
  • Police found out that the woman had deposited almost $17,000 into Bitcoin machines in the area in a matter of days, said Det. Sgt. Greg Doerr, who oversees the police major fraud unit.
  • Often embarrassment about being contacted by the CRA or the government keeps people from telling their families – but even just asking someone else if the letter seemed legit might have saved this woman from the scam.
  • Doerr said police will be tracing the calls and emails that the woman received and trying to find a lead on the investigation.

An elderly woman was seen clutching a “CRA Legal Notice” and feeding a large amount of cash into a Bitcoin ATM in a local convenience store on Thursday.
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Burger King Is Allegedly Launching Its Own Cryptocurrency

  • Earlier this summer, Burger King Russia hinted that it might soon allow customers to pay for their ВОППЕР and БИГ КИНГ value meals with Bitcoin.
  • One Burger King location in Moscow reportedly allowed one customer to use Bitcoin to pay his bill, but rumors of a country-wide or (even Moscow-wide) rollout don’t seem to have gone beyond the internet speculation phase.
  • Although details of the Whoppercoin are sparse, Russian media outlets and cryptocurrency sites have reported that Burger King has produced one billion Whoppercoin so far, and additional coinage could be added in the future.
  • To collect Whoppercoin, frequent Burger King customers will scan their receipts with the Burger King app, and the still kind-of-imaginary currency will be deposited in their equally imaginary wallets.
  • MUNCHIES has reached out to Burger King Russia for comment and additional details about Whoppercoin and will update this story when it receives a response.

Sure, you’ve got some Ethereum, but can you use it to buy Whoppers? Better get some Whoppercoin.
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‘Blockchain technology will change the world’: Fidelity Labs SVP

'Blockchain technology will change the world': Fidelity Labs SVP

  • Stern is responsible for running Fidelity’s bitcoin, blockchain and digital currency incubator.
  • And regardless of whether bitcoin will survive, it could be like the Napster of blockchain technology, Stern said, where it is the first of its kind but the next products, in this case Spotify and Apple Music, get better and better.
  • “I do think [cryptocurrencies] will make things, whether it’s bitcoin or something else, faster and cheaper and create new products and services that we can’t even imagine,” Stern said.
  • While some critics are skeptical of how bitcoin is used, Stern said that banning the cryptocurrency would be like banning the web or open internet protocols.
  • Stern did emphasize though that Fidelity’s move does not mean their clients can make bitcoin transactions through their corporation, saying “we’re not necessarily making a judgment on bitcoin.”

“Blockchain technology will change the world” and bitcoin is “here to stay,” according to the man behind Fidelity’s research into cryptocurrencies.
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Bitcoin is exploding in Venezuela — but not for the reason you think

#Bitcoin is exploding in Venezuela — but not for the reason you think

  • Bitcoin is exploding in Venezuela — but not for the reason you think

    As Venezuela suffers its worst meltdown in history, with inflation skyrocketing and basic necessities running in short supply, many have taken to bitcoin mining in a bid to survive, according to a report in the current issue of the Atlantic.

  • Bitcoin mining works like this : Miners use computer hardware to perform complex computations that ultimately create each new link in the bitcoin blockchain — the massive, decentralized ledger technology that underpins the cryptocurrency.
  • The Atlantic explained that a Venezuelan user who can run several bitcoin mining devices can clear about $500 a month — that is considered a small fortune enough to feed a family of four and purchase vital goods such as baby diapers or insulin from overseas.
  • But authorities have begun cracking down on mining operations, according to the Atlantic.
  • Reading the full story about the rise of bitcoin mining in Venezuela here.

Venezuela’s subsidized electricity is allowing desperate users to mine bitcoin for their basic necessities, the Atlantic reports.
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