9 Things We Bought With Bitcoin

  • In this case, we literally have no other option than to pay with Bitcoin.
  • The China-based travel agency Young Pioneer Tours has 9 years of experience of organizing tours to North Korea, and can help you with flights, hotels, visa and a tour guide.
  • We constantly want to talk about it, tell others about our trip to North Korea, and how we were able to tweet pictures the entire trip from one of the most heavily locked down countries on earth.
  • So now we have shoes from Iran, been to North Korea and have these stylish new socks.
  • For more privacy, it makes perfect sense to not use your credit card (which is connected to your real name), but instead the pseudonymous currency Bitcoin.

You’ve got to admit that everyone likes to go shopping once in a while, whether it’s to buy that designer shirt you’ve been eyeing or those nifty gadgets…
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Silk Road Website Founder Loses Appeal of Conviction, Life Sentence

Silk Roads Ulbricht Loses Bid to Void Conviction, Life Sentence #bitcoin #NYT

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Ross Ulbricht, the accused mastermind behind the underground Silk Road website for the sale of illegal drugs to countless customers worldwide, failed to persuade a federal appeals court to overturn his conviction and life sentence.
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Blockchains: The great chain of being sure about things

  • Other applications for blockchain and similar “distributed ledgers” range from thwarting diamond thieves to streamlining stockmarkets: the NASDAQ exchange will soon start using a blockchain-based system to record trades in privately held companies.
  • The blockchain began life in the mind of Satoshi Nakamoto, the brilliant, pseudonymous and so far unidentified creator of bitcoin—a “purely peer-to-peer version of electronic cash”, as he put it in a paper published in 2008.
  • This is guaranteed by the mixture of mathematical subtlety and computational brute force built into its “consensus mechanism”—the process by which the nodes agree on how to update the blockchain in the light of bitcoin transfers from one person to another.
  • Both have bitcoin “wallets”—software which accesses the blockchain rather as a browser accesses the web, but does not identify the user to the system.
  • If everything looks kosher, specialised nodes called miners will bundle Alice’s proposal with other similarly reputable transactions to create a new block for the blockchain.

WHEN the Honduran police came to evict her in 2009 Mariana Catalina Izaguirre had lived in her lowly house for three decades. Unlike many of her neighbours in Tegucigalpa, the country’s capital, she even had an official title to the land on which it stood.
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This Company Wants to Give You a Divorce on the Blockchain

This company wants to give you a divorce on the blockchain

  • Instead of hiring a lawyer, a mother who did not receive a child support payment could file a grievance on the blockchain

    Using blockchain technology that underpins the cryptocurrency Ethereum (a bitcoin alternative), and merging it with contracts written by lawyers, users would be able to initiate and complete legal matters entirely through the service.

  • Here’s how it might work: instead of hiring a lawyer, a mother who did not receive a child support payment could file a grievance on the blockchain, which would automatically notify the father, and begin generating the necessary paperwork for a court case.
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    StonePaper will be providing open source code for contracts that it recommends people use.

  • And since electronic contracts are governed by the same laws as paper ones, you need a lawyer to do something complicated,” explained Rappard.
  • Rappard said that while the DAO hack caused a lot of problems for smart contracts, StonePaper would not be vulnerable to similar hacks.

StonePaper lets users complete legal matters over the blockchain, instead of hiring a lawyer.
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Surging UK tech is poised to take on the world

Surging UK tech is poised to take on the world #bitcoin #fintech #UK #tech #RoboAdvice #AI

  • Last month, the Tech City UK team did just that to share the findings of our Tech Nation report 2017 and meet some of the UK’s most impressive tech companies on their home turf.
  • The recent announcement of SoftBank’s £400m investment in UK virtual simulation startup Improbable – valuing the company at over $1bn – capped an extraordinary few weeks for UK tech in which evidence gathered by Tech Nation also reaffirmed Britain’s position as Europe’s runaway digital capital.
  • The report revealed that tech investment in the UK reached £6.8bn in 2016, more than twice any other European country.
  • In fact UK tech received more investment than the next four countries (France, Germany, the Netherlands and Denmark)…

While data fuels much of modern life, raw numbers can only ever tell you part of the story.
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UK tech visas quadruple after applications soar

  • Technology industry demands for special measures to let companies hire foreign workers after Brexit have been boosted by a surge in demand for technology visas.
  • Tech City UK, the government organisation that processes applications for the dedicated “Tier 1 Exceptional Talent” visa, said successful applications had more than quadrupled in the last 12 months, with 260 endorsed in the last fiscal year.
  • It follows fears in the British tech community that access to skilled computer coders would be hit by restrictions to freedom of movement when the UK leaves the EU.
  • David Cameron introduced the tech visa scheme in 2014 in a bid to make London the technology capital of Europe and rival Silicon Valley as a destination for start-ups, and amid fears of a shortage of skilled coders in the UK.
  • The “Tech Nation” visa scheme allows Tech City UK to endorse applications from non-EU workers, and lets successful applicants stay in the country for five years, after which they can apply to settle.

Technology industry demands for special measures to let companies hire foreign workers after Brexit have been boosted by a surge in demand for technology visas.
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PwC: Five Global Shifts Reshaping the World

  • The five global megatrends are:

    To learn more about the impact of these five global megatrends, Ray Wang, bestselling author, futurist and CEO/Founder of Constellation Research, and I invited Mike Quindazzi, managing director at PwC, to our weekly business, innovation and leadership show DisrupTV.

  • Quindazzi’s research and consultancy focus areas include identification and growth of competitive advantage through global expansion, accelerating digital technologies, improving customer experience (CX), transforming organizations, or implementing complex systems.
  • Quindazzi describes history of the first, second and third industrial revolutions and its impact on shifting demographics, new technologies, growing economics, population shifts, changing workforce dynamics, the information age, lean production and the digital age.
  • Quindazzi also spoke about business disruption with new emerging and essential technologies including artificial intelligence and smarter applications.
  • He also shared key demographic shifts with number of college graduates and population age – for the first time ever, there are more people at 65 years or older than 5 years old or younger – will dramatically change in the near future.

According to PwC, there are five global shifts reshaping the world and their implications for organizations, industries and wider society will be signifi…
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